By what means OPS will approach complex logistic cases, is part of the OPS name and logo. The three angles of the OPS logo refer to the three conditions Organisation, Procedures and Systems, which play an important role within every business process. In the centre of this triangle, your employees are carrying out their job. The quality and efficiency of their efforts are strongly related with the quality and consistency of these aspects. Every time an organisation is changed for example caused by a BPR project, these aspects should be checked again in order to create a clear and unambiguous environment for your employees. The centre of the triangle, next to your employee, is the place where OPS will assist your organisation to improve the business processes. OPS wants to stress its distinctive features emphatically, that it looks further than information systems only. In the vision of OPS, the implementation of new business processes in fact starts at the moment the information systems are installed.

The services OPS can offer are (logistic) Consultancy, project management and/or interim management.

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