OPS Solutions bv is a young company which is in particular focussed on logistic processes like distribution, transport and material management (supply chain management). The core business of OPS Solutions bv can be best described as "Optimising Material Flows": To advise and support companies to equip and optimise both internal and external logistic business processes. An important basic rule that should be applied is that material should always be on the move. OPS thinks to be able to differentiate from other similar companies, to consciously post OPS between supplier and buyer. In the philosophy of OPS, most buyers are seeking for a structural co-operation with suppliers in order to achieve reliable and efficient material flows. This can only be achieved if the mutual communication is completely harmonised with each other. In practice however, this is often a problem because in most cases it is a matter of opposite interests. Because of the fact that OPS is a neutral external party who is capable to follow and analyse the complete transport chain, OPS can advise and, if needed, implement new ways how these material flows can be performed best. An important issue will be to what extent EDI can improve this process.

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