At this  moment, OPS Solutions is developing the software package BIZchain. This product will be destined for small to medium companies who want to exchange structured EDI messages with other EDI partners in a relative cheap manner. BIZchain is based on the new Biztalk concept which supports the exchange of business messages between organisations in a structural and reliable way, using the cheap infra structure offered by Internet. OPS has many years of EDI experience in the automotive branch. Especially for the smaller EDI-users, OPS came to the following conclusions:

Implementation costs.
The costs for implementing EDI solutions are very opaque. The prices of the software can vary from Euro. 1.400 to Euro. 36.000. However, after finishing the implementation, it often appears that these costs are only a fraction of the total costs; the consultancy costs for implementing the different message definitions are in most cases the most relevant costs;

Operational costs.
Based on the frequency most companies send and receive messages, the operational costs are in no balance, with the advantages of EDI messages. The operational cost are mainly determined by the selected communication method;

Insufficient know how.
Most companies don't have enough knowledge of computer systems and/or Edifact knowledge to solve operational problems. To hire external consultants to solve these problems, will result is high operational costs;

Insufficient added value.
Especially when the EDI investment is done for only one EDI partner, the costs are in no balance with the advantages of EDI messages. The main reason for smaller and medium companies to do such an investment is to comply with the wishes/requests of an important customer.

Because of these facts, many small companies remain postponing the implementation of EDI. Doing so, they miss the opportunity to create an efficient and integrated supply chain. The risk remains that competitors who do invest in EDI, improve their competitiveness considerably.

During the last year, OPS has investigated the specific situation of these small to medium companies and has decided to develop a software tool called BIZchain that complies with a great deal of the above mentioned problems. BIZchain, has the following features:

The licence price for this product will be somewhere between Euro. 2.300,- en Euro. 4.600;

To exchange the messages, BIZchain will use the cheap infra structure of Internet;

Software is capable to maintain a high level of quality and validity of outbound messages, which comply, with the demands of the receiver of the message;

Software is based on the latest technical developments. During the development of BIZchain, the functional, and user friendly GUI's were first priority;

Software runs on an independent platform and manages the process of receiving and sending of messages, automatically.

Although BIZchain is based on many years of experience at DAF Trucks, the software has a generic structure that can be implemented in any other environment. In case you are interested in BIZchain, or if you want more information, please contact Mr. H.W.A. Verhaegh of OPS Solutions bv.

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