As  already explained in the method, OPS will not restrict to advising only. Especially managing BPR-projects is an important activity. Based on the gained experience, OPS can offer your organisation the following services:

Advising organisations concerning logistic questions related to the primary business process. To deal with these logistic questions, the aspects Organisation, Procedures and (information)Systems will always play a central role.

Concrete assignments related to consultancy could be:

 My information system supports my business processes insufficiently. What measures are necessary to improve the quality and efficiency of this system;

 My supply of raw material is unreliable, therefore we have to apply high stocklevels. What measures can be taken to reduce these stocks;

Although the separate parts of my business process operate efficiently, the results of the complete process are insufficient. What measures can be taken to make the complete business process more efficient and more effective;

My business process can be managed insufficiently. As soon as the market changes, it costs a lot of energy and money to adapt my business processes. How can we improve the adaptability of my organisation;

The quality of my business process does not meet the requests of our market. How can we improve this quality;

The products we produce meet the quality requests of the market. However, the costs to realise this are above marketlevel. By what means can we reduce the production costs without affecting the quality level of our products;

Interim Management
To perform an (interim) management function within a company. In that case it refers to an executive function. Some examples:

We are looking for an interim manager who can replace our logistic manager or information manager. Such situation can arise in case of a long period of illness or the previous manager has left the company or has been appointed for another job.

We are looking for an interim manager who will be entitled as an outsider to reorganise our company. This procedure is often applied.

Project Management

Project management has a lot of similarities with interim management. It also refers to an executive interim function. Project management however, is focussed on initiating and steering important changes in business processes. Some examples:

We are looking for an objective project manager who can create and steer a temporary team in order to select the most appropriate software package that supports our specific business processes best. We prefer an external project manager based on his experience en expertise of software packages;

We are looking for a project manager who can steer a major change in one or more business processes within my organisation. In this project he is the ideal neutral buffer between suppliers of hard- and software and my organisation. He is capable to detect and control all relevant aspects to change my business processes in order to achieve an effective organisation where the implemented information system is integrated completely.

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